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5,000L Slimline Poly Tank

✅ Quality Fittings, including 25mm Brass BSP Outlet with matching Heavy Duty Ball Valve Tap, Inlet Strainer with 1mm stainless steel mesh, and 90mm PVC Overflow device.
✅ Choice of 25 different colours.
✅ Delivery to site within Southern Queensland and Northern NSW.
✅ Full 10 Year Warranty.


*Price includes GST. Order must be placed before the end of July 2022. No deposit is required to place your order.

Our stylish 5000 Litre Slimline Poly Water Tank is ideal for those long, narrow locations. With a width of just 1150mm (1.15m), the 5000 Litre Slimline Poly Water Tank is often utilised down the side of homes where length is available but not width. With a height of 1900mm (1.9m), this slimline tank fits comfortably under most eaves, allowing sufficient fall from the feeding downpipe.

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Weight 185 kg

L 3210 mm x W 1150 mm x H 1900 mm


5000 Litres / 1100 Gallons

Tank White (Surfmist®)
Gull Grey (Shale Grey™)
Birch Grey (Dune®)
Armour Grey (Windspray®)
Wallaby (Wallaby®)
Slate Grey(Woodland Grey®)
Metal Grey (Ironstone™)
Dark Grey (Basalt®)
Monument (Charcoal®)
Black (Night Sky®)
Heritage Red (Manor Red™)
Stormedge Blue (Blue Ridge™)
Mountain Blue (Deep Ocean®)
Heritage Green (Cottage Green®)
Rivergum (Wilderness®)
Mist Green (Pale Eucalypt®)
Evening Haze
Smooth Cream (Classic Cream™)
Merino (Paperbark®)
Desert Haze (Sandbank®)
Autumn Brown (Jasper™)
Earthtone (Bushland®)
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