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2,000L Round Steel Tank

✅ Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks
✅ 20 Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty
✅ Food Grade Polymer Lining
✅ Blue Heeler Quality

We Can Customise Your Tank!

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to the diameter and height of a round tank and hundreds of options again for the width, height and length of a slimline tank. Your Aquaplate Steel Water Tank will be sure to suit the location you have in mind.

To discuss your requirements when it comes to a customized steel water tank, please give the Blue Heeler Tanks team a call on 1300 110 242 or email Our expert team are more than happy to provide advice and a no-obligation, free quote on a Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tank to suit your particular project.

Of course, our Auaplate Steel Water Tanks are available in a popular selection of Colorbond colours, to further ensure that your new water tank is a welcome addition to your home. 

Aquaplate has been designed and engineered by Bluescope Steel specifically for use in the construction of quality water tanks. The internal surface of the tank is bonded with a food grade polymer lining, which protects the metal of the tank from possible corrosion and warrants the tank suitable for the safe, long-term containment of potable (drinking) water, as per the Australian Standard (AS 4020).
As well as providing the traditional corrugated aesthetics that generations of Australians have grown to love, our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks come with the peace of mind of a full 20 Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty.

Dimensions W 1200 x H 1860 mm

2000 Litres

Colorbond® Steel Colours

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